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The Army Rugby Union (ARU) was formed in 1906 and has continued for over a hundred years to provide an infrastructure for the playing of rugby union within the British Army. Its aim is to promote and foster the game of Rugby Union within the Army and its local communities in accordance with the Laws of the Game promulgated by the Rugby Football Union (RFU).

The ARU is a Registered Charity (Number 1149105) and its day-to-day administration is conducted by a small secretariat based at Aldershot. There are several committees responsible for the various aspects of the management of Army Rugby. The ARU is part of the Army Sport Control Board (ASCB).


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Management Board

  • Chair – Major General J Bennett CBE (Jez)
  • Deputy Chair – Brigadier JP Cook OBE (James)
  • ARU Secretary (ex officio) – Mr C Fowke (Chris)
  • Director of Finance – Mr S Bates (Steve)
  • Director of Marketing – Brigadier (Retd) PJ Allison (Paddy)
  • Director of Rugby Development – Major WK Burnard MBE (Burnie)
  • Chair of Representative Rugby – Brigadier AWA Griffiths (Adam)
  • RFU Council Member – Brigadier JP Cook OBE (James)
  • Director of Community Rugby – Major M Wilding (Marc)
  • Non Executive Director – Ms A Teasdale (Alex)
  • Non Executive Director – Mr A Leach (Andy)
  • Non Executive Director – Mr B Facer (Brian)
  • Non Executive Director – Colonel D Rutherford (David)

For full committee details please visit the Main ARU Website